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Urban Affairs -Establishment -Town and Country Planning -Transfer and Postings of Officers
Views: 515 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 4:54:47 PM

Urban Affairs -Establishment -Transfer and Postings in the cadre of Municipal Secretary-Orders
Views: 496 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 4:44:13 PM

Urban Affairs Department- Administrative Sanction for the Scheme Ayyankali Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme- Accorded-Orders issued
Views: 2 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 2:51:09 PM

നഗരകാര്യം -ഡോ.ആക്ടി ജോർജിന്റെ ഡെപ്യുട്ടേഷൻ കാലയളവ് ദീർഘിപ്പിച്ച തിയതി തിരുത്ത്
Views: 38 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 4:42:56 PM

Urban affairs –International conference,New delhi -Journey performed –Expost facto Sanction accorded
Views: 207 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 4:55:29 PM

Implementation of KLGSDP with World Bank Assistance -Purchase of equipments for Directorate of Urban Affairs -Constitution of Tender committee Sanctioned -Orders Issued
Views: 84 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 11:02:41 AM

Urban Affairs –Establishment- Journey performed by Secretary,Kozhikode Corporation –Expost facto sanction accorded
Views: 46 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 09:19:19 AM

Urban Affairs –Establishment –Sreekandapuram Municipality –charge arrangement in the post of secretary – ratified
Views: 34 ; Last view on: 2017-10-22 2:02:39 PM

Urban Affairs –Establishment –Shri Suresan M Secretary –Mattannur Municipality –Surrender of Earned Leave
Views: 29 ; Last view on: 2017-10-23 11:21:46 AM

Urban affairs –Establishment –Provisional promotion granted to the Officers regularized –orders
Views: 470 ; Last view on: 2017-10-24 2:35:45 PM

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