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O/o the Tribunal for Local Self Government Institutions - Smt. Lilly, Tribunal for Local Self Government Institutions - Surrender of Earned Leave for the year 2024-25 - Sanctioned -Orders issued.
Views: 1268 ; Last view on: 2024-07-12 2:06:10 PM

Establishment – OA(EKM)604/2023 filed by Sri. M.Surendran, Lower Division Clerk/Bill Collector, Thaliparamba Municipality – order dated 04.04.2023 of the Hon. Kerala Administrative Tribunal-Complied with- Orders issued
Views: 235 ; Last view on: 2024-07-13 3:22:53 PM

Order dated 23-1-2023 in OA(EKM)1924/2022 filed by Kerala Municipal and Corporation Pensioners Federation before the Hon'ble Kerala Administrative Tribunal complied with-orders issued
Views: 160 ; Last view on: 2024-07-13 4:33:08 PM

Establishment – OA(EKM)451/2023 filed by Sri. Eldhose Mathew, Clerk, Taluk Supply Office Aluva – Order dated 17.03.2023 of the Hon. Kerala Administrative Tribunal- Complied with - Orders issued
Views: 185 ; Last view on: 2024-07-13 4:31:26 PM

Order dated 01.02.2023 of the Honourable Kerala Administrative Tribunal in OA 410/2019 filed by Sri. K. G. Radhakrishnan-complied with-Orders issued.
Views: 135 ; Last view on: 2024-07-14 09:20:42 AM

O/o the Tribunal of Local Self Government Institutions -Establishment
Views: 264 ; Last view on: 2024-07-14 09:22:36 AM

Tribunal Of Local Self Government Institutions-attending the training Programme conducted by National judicial Academy , Bhopal-Ex post facto sanction accorded -Orders issued
Views: 143 ; Last view on: 2024-07-13 10:40:30 PM

Engineering Wing-Petition against transfer-Order dated 22.08.2022 of the Honorable Kerala Administrative Tribunal in OA No.1386/2022 Compiled with Orders issued.
Views: 215 ; Last view on: 2024-07-14 06:40:17 AM

Panchayat Department-Order dated 10.06.2022 in OA(EKM)271,304, 465, 466 and 522/2022 filed by Sri.Eldose Sunny and Others before the Honourable Kerala Administrative Tribunal-Compiled with -Orders issued.
Views: 254 ; Last view on: 2024-07-14 06:40:45 AM

Order dated 04.04.2022 of the Honorable Kerala Administrative Tribunal (TVM) in OA.No554/2022 compiled with orders issued.
Views: 169 ; Last view on: 2024-07-14 08:42:14 AM

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