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The master plan for Vadakara in respect of the local planning area consisting of the whole of Vadakara municipality with boundaries as described
Views: 401 ; Last view on: 2023-09-28 01:02:06 AM

Master plan for Kasaragod
Views: 468 ; Last view on: 2023-09-29 1:10:48 PM

Plan Scheme of Suchitwa Mission for the year 2019-20-Suchitwa Keralam –reconstruction of toilets damaged due to flood in Schools/Other water logged areas in rural areas
Views: 618 ; Last view on: 2023-09-13 9:26:55 PM

Pilot Scheme on formulation of Local Area Plan (LAP) and Town Planning Scheme (TSP)-City Level Committee for Thiruvananthapuram City
Views: 490 ; Last view on: 2023-09-22 09:07:19 AM

TRIDA-Annual Plan 2019-20 –Administrative sanction for the scheme Chalai Scheme Area - additional works of Commercial complex-further instructions
Views: 343 ; Last view on: 2023-09-19 10:02:44 PM

Annual Plan 2019-20 -Chalai Scheme Area – additional works of Commercial complex –administrative Sanction accorded
Views: 349 ; Last view on: 2023-09-25 12:44:03 AM

Release of fund to Suchitwa Mission for Plan Schemes for the year 2019-20
Views: 360 ; Last view on: 2023-09-17 02:59:02 AM

Town and Country Planning Department – Opening a Separate Bank Account linked with PFMS solely for operating the central grant under the scheme Formulation of LAP and TPS
Views: 465 ; Last view on: 2023-09-22 08:07:16 AM

Information Kerala Mission –Annual Plan Scheme –Computerisation of 3 tier Panchayats –Administrative sanction accorded –Orders Issued
Views: 584 ; Last view on: 2023-09-26 1:53:27 PM

Release of Rs 40,00,000, to Mission Director ,AMRUT for the implementation of the AMRUT subscheme pilot on formulation of Local Area Plan and Town Planning Scheme.
Views: 388 ; Last view on: 2023-09-29 9:32:23 PM

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