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Resumption of Tribal Sub Plan Funds from Local Governments and utilisation by the Scheduled Tribes Development - Orders issued
Views: 784 ; Last view on: 2022-08-15 10:16:36 AM

Resumption of Tribal Sub Plan Funds from Local Governments and utilisation by the Scheduled Tribes Development-orders issued.
Views: 743 ; Last view on: 2022-08-15 11:03:37 AM

ST Development Department - Annual Plan 2001-2002- Tribal Sub Plan - Funds to local bodies-resumption-Sanctioned-Orders Issued.
Views: 724 ; Last view on: 2022-08-10 5:34:55 PM

Declaration of Deputy Director of Pachayats as drawing and disbursing officer in respect of the Head of Account 2515-001-97 District Administration and Subordinate Controlling Officers in respect of the Head of Account 2515-191-45-03 plan and Head of account 3454-111-95-03 plan-orders issued.
Views: 674 ; Last view on: 2022-08-10 10:51:19 PM

Fixing of Rates for works to be taken up by Local Bodies using Plan Funds, Own Funds and other Grant-in-Aid Orders issued for 1998-1999-Modification issued.
Views: 1039 ; Last view on: 2022-08-16 7:12:46 PM

Local Self Government Department-Accreditation to Socio-Economic Unit Foundation, Trivandrum to execute projects under decentralised plan schemes - sanctioned - Orders issued.
Views: 1085 ; Last view on: 2022-08-16 7:12:41 PM

Local Self Government- Introduction of new system for monitoring of Plan Implementation - Orders issued.
Views: 765 ; Last view on: 2022-08-12 02:40:12 AM

Local self Government Department - Accreditation to Socio- Economic Unit Foundation, Thiruvananthapuram to execute Projects under decentralised plan schemes - Sanctioned - Orders issued.
Views: 903 ; Last view on: 2022-08-16 12:23:21 AM

Assistance to SC/ST families Below Poverty Line to purchase housing plot, not less than three cents - payment of subsidy from plan funds - limit enhanced - instructions issued.
Views: 1658 ; Last view on: 2022-08-13 1:57:57 PM

State Planning Board – Decentralised Planning – Monitoring of plan implementation – Setting up of a computer network – 'Kerala Information network for Local Bodies' – Administrative Sanction accorded – Orders Issued.
Views: 858 ; Last view on: 2022-08-10 3:36:34 PM

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