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LIFE Mission-Resumption of fund from STSB ACCOUNT OF Life Mission-refund of resumed fund-Sanction accorded-Orders issued
Views: 34 ; Last view on: 2022-10-03 9:21:01 PM

Har Ghal Jal Utsav Incorporating in LIFE Grama Sabhas-Reg
Views: 672 ; Last view on: 2022-10-03 5:17:52 PM

Releasing an amount of 200 lakhs (Two Hundred Lakhs) from Life Mission to GCDA, Cochin as second installment - Sanction accorded- orders issued
Views: 134 ; Last view on: 2022-10-02 02:18:29 AM

Renewal of contract of Architect, Electrical Engineer at LIFE Mission State Office and Civil Engineers at District level-Sanction accorded -orders issued.
Views: 228 ; Last view on: 2022-10-02 12:09:19 AM

Constitution of Technical Committee to examine the claims of contractors of Life - Orders Issued - reg.
Views: 325 ; Last view on: 2022-10-02 12:00:49 AM

LIFE Mission -Resumption of funds from PSTSB - refund of resumed funds - Sanction accorded - orders issued.
Views: 193 ; Last view on: 2022-10-01 11:20:23 PM

LIFE Mission-Availing loan for an amount of Rs 1448.34 crore from HUDCO through KURDFC (Rural Sector)-Execution of Guarantee Agreement-Sanction accorded
Views: 257 ; Last view on: 2022-09-29 9:04:56 PM

LIFE Mission-HUDCO Loan of Rs. 1500 Crore for Urban and Rural sectrors through KURDFCAvailing loan for an amount of Rs. 51.66 Crore (Urban sector) - Sanction accorded- Modified- Orders issued.
Views: 234 ; Last view on: 2022-09-29 9:05:03 PM

LIFE Mission-Availing loan for an amount of Rs. 1,448.34 Crore from HUDCO through KURDFC (Rural sector) -Authorizing an officer to sign the Escrow Agreement on behalf of Government of Kerala - sanction accorded- orders issued.
Views: 181 ; Last view on: 2022-09-29 9:05:09 PM

LIFE MISSION-Availing Loan from HUDCO through KURDFC (Rural Sector)Sanction accorded-modified orders issued.
Views: 403 ; Last view on: 2022-10-03 4:10:15 PM

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