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Deputation of Sri K Gopalakrishnan Bhatt in connection with DISHA Committee ,Delhi –Sanctioned
Views: 44 ; Last view on: 2018-08-20 10:11:55 PM

ദേശീയ പഞ്ചായത്ത് ദിനാഘോഷം -പങ്കെടുക്കാൻ മുൻ നൽകേണ്ട അനുമതി
Views: 133 ; Last view on: 2018-08-21 04:03:01 AM

Deputation of Santhosh V S, Under Secretary, Local Self Government (EU) Department to the office of AG,Ernakulam for filing extension of time limit in OA(E)No2907/2017-sanctioned
Views: 139 ; Last view on: 2018-08-20 6:25:58 PM

Suchitwa Mission –Deputation of Sri L P Chither ,Director(Drinking Water), Suchiwa Mission,Kerala to participate in the launching ceremony of the GOBAR-DHAN scheme accorded
Views: 27 ; Last view on: 2018-08-11 02:25:29 AM

PRC Meeting –Deputation – ExPost facto sanction accorded
Views: 92 ; Last view on: 2018-08-18 4:07:59 PM

Deputation of Officers ,KLGSDP to attend meeting, New Delhi –Expost facto sanction
Views: 237 ; Last view on: 2018-08-21 3:03:02 PM

Performance Review Committee ,New Delhi _Deputation of Officers
Views: 137 ; Last view on: 2018-08-20 9:55:52 PM

LSGD-Deputation of Staff to AG for verifying the reply statement filed on OA(EKM) No.2415/2017
Views: 25 ; Last view on: 2018-08-20 10:00:10 PM

LSGD –Rural Department –Deputation of Secretary of LSGD(Rural) to accompany with Minister to Delhi
Views: 104 ; Last view on: 2018-08-08 9:37:55 PM

Deputation of Section Officer to the AG office for filing extension petition
Views: 182 ; Last view on: 2018-08-17 01:03:46 AM

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