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To fix the minimum rates of tax for erecting, exhibiting, fixing or retain upon or over any building, wall hoarding, structure of displaying advertisements to public view in Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation area in such area. Accordingly Government have to fix the minimum rates with effect from 1-4-2008.
Views: 2083 ; Last view on: 2024-07-13 12:43:02 AM

Local Self Government Department - Thiruvananthapuram Corporation - Land acquisition for sewerage treatment - sanctioned - orders issued
Views: 1024 ; Last view on: 2024-07-24 08:28:35 AM

Local Self Government Department - Purchase of Solid Waste Management Plant at Vilappilsala by Thiruvananthapuram Corporation - sanction accorded - Orders issued
Views: 1195 ; Last view on: 2024-07-24 09:19:54 AM

Copy of Lr.No.275/98/2003-ITB dated 23/02/2004 from Government of India, Ministry of Finance, Department of Revenue, New Delhi to the Chief Commissioners of Income Tax, Thiruvananthapuram.
Views: 1282 ; Last view on: 2024-07-24 09:43:29 AM

Panchayat Department- Computersation of Panchayat Directorate and Deputy Director of Panchayat Officers,Thiruvananthapuram and Kasaragod- Administrative Sanction accorded-Orders issued.
Views: 954 ; Last view on: 2024-07-25 02:46:22 AM

Local self Government Department - Accreditation to Socio- Economic Unit Foundation, Thiruvananthapuram to execute Projects under decentralised plan schemes - Sanctioned - Orders issued.
Views: 1076 ; Last view on: 2024-07-24 08:44:53 AM

FINANCE (S.S) DEPARTMENTG.O(MS) No.1492-98/Fin. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 27 May, 1998
Views: 832 ; Last view on: 2024-07-25 11:30:19 AM

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