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Development of Web based Saankhya -Shri.G K Sunil,(Junior Superintendent ,Directorate of Panchayat) in the team for e-Governance /Business re-engineering Process
Views: 616 ; Last view on: 2020-08-09 01:27:06 AM

Performance Audit – Saankhya – Accounting software – Creation of State and District Level Saankhya Support Cells for sorting out field level issues related to Saankhya software.
Views: 1499 ; Last view on: 2020-08-11 12:03:48 AM

Implementation of Saankhya in Panchayats-Extension of due date of submission of Annual Financial Statements
Views: 2033 ; Last view on: 2020-08-04 2:27:43 PM

Implementation of saankhya in municipalities and Corporations ensuring compliance with all the directions relating to accounting
Views: 1565 ; Last view on: 2020-08-01 9:23:54 PM

Implementation of Saankhya in the three tier Panchayats in stages
Views: 4308 ; Last view on: 2020-08-09 8:44:09 PM

Local Self Government Department-implementation of Saankhya, Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting Application in the three tier Panchayats
Views: 5866 ; Last view on: 2020-08-09 3:07:03 PM

Local Self Government-Deployment of "Saankhya" Software developed by IKM in four Corporations and Two Municipalities-Training to the Employees-issuance of guidelines-Orders issued
Views: 2413 ; Last view on: 2020-08-06 9:38:48 PM

Local Self Government Department-Prescribing the mandatory use of application softwares Saankhya and Sulekha in all Local Self Government Institutions-orders issued
Views: 4254 ; Last view on: 2020-08-06 1:57:36 PM

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