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Local Self Government Department - Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014 - Grievance Redressal and Dispute Resolution Committee for redressal of grievances or resolution of the disputes of the street vendors – constituted - Orders issued.
Views: 692 ; Last view on: 2024-05-27 12:16:33 AM

Local Self Government Department - AMRUT - Guruvayur Municipality –Water Supply sector works- Revised Administrative Sanction accorded- Orders Issued
Views: 402 ; Last view on: 2024-05-25 12:34:22 AM

Local Self Government Department – Pre-monsoon Cleaning Campaign Component of Annual Plan Schemes of Suchitwa Mission for the year 2020-2021- Administrative sanction accorded -Orders
Views: 666 ; Last view on: 2024-05-29 5:19:33 PM

NABARD-RIDF-Various Projects implemented by Block Panchayat and Gramin Panchayat under NABARD-RIDF Projects-Reimbursement -Sanctioned -Orders issued
Views: 355 ; Last view on: 2024-05-28 4:21:34 PM

Local Self Government Department - Permissive Sanction to Local Self Government Institutions to utilise Own fund and unutilised funds of previous years allotted by Suchitwa Mission, for Pre-Monsoon Cleaning Campaign 2020-21 - Accorded - Orders issued
Views: 918 ; Last view on: 2024-05-27 2:30:32 PM

Local Self Government Department - Payment to Kerala Enviro Infrastructure Ltd (KEIL) Ambalamughal, Kochi towards the disposal of the flood waste accumulated in the private agricultural land in Idukki, from the corpus fund of Clean Kerala Company Ltd. - Sanction accorded - Orders issued
Views: 553 ; Last view on: 2024-05-25 10:41:31 AM

Local Self Government Department - Order of Hon'ble NGT in OA No 237/2017 dated 24/01/2020 - Preparation of action plan with specific time line to abate the pollution in Konothupuzha river - Joint Committee constituted - Orders issued.
Views: 603 ; Last view on: 2024-05-29 5:18:55 PM

Local Self Government Department - Integrated Solid Waste Management - Strategy document - Approved -Orders issued.
Views: 728 ; Last view on: 2024-05-27 5:10:35 PM

Local Self Government Department - AMRUT - Extension of the mission period of AMRUT Projects for a further period of one year or till the recommendations of the 15th Finance Commission come into effect- Sanction accorded-Orders issued
Views: 465 ; Last view on: 2024-05-26 4:11:29 PM

Local Self Government Department - Kerala Urban Service Delivery Project (KUSDP) - Designating Suchitwa Mission as the Nodal Agency for the implementation of the project - Orders issued.
Views: 616 ; Last view on: 2024-05-29 09:51:10 AM

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