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MGNREGS-Setting up of Social Audit Society Kerala –Guidelines –Modified Orders
Views: 553 ; Last view on: 2019-12-07 11:24:32 AM

MGNREGS-Review of BFT Project –Deputation of Officers –Expost facto sanction accorded
Views: 344 ; Last view on: 2019-11-30 5:42:11 PM

MGNREGS – GeoMGNREGA – Implementation by States/ UTs – Review Meeting 15.12.2016 At New Delhi - Deputation of Sri M. S Abdul Kalam Azad
Views: 320 ; Last view on: 2019-12-13 01:14:15 AM

MGNREGS_Geotagging of assets created under MGNREGA_Working Group reconstituted_Orders Issued
Views: 492 ; Last view on: 2019-12-09 2:46:27 PM

Administrative sanction for the plan scheme Research and Studies unser MGNREGS
Views: 343 ; Last view on: 2019-12-05 9:02:10 PM

MGNREGS – Launch event of GeoMGNREGA At New Delhi on 30th November, 2016- Deputation of Officials
Views: 596 ; Last view on: 2019-12-08 1:17:06 PM

MGNREGS –Performance meeting at Delhi –Deputation of Sri B Sajith Expost facto sanction-accorded Orders issued
Views: 272 ; Last view on: 2019-12-02 6:58:49 PM

MGNREGS –Workshop at Delhi –Deputation of Officers Expost facto sanction-accorded Orders issued
Views: 221 ; Last view on: 2019-12-12 10:40:33 AM

MGNREGS _Taking up of maintenance and rehabilitation of canals of Irrigation Department under MGNREGS Sanction accorded orders Issued
Views: 473 ; Last view on: 2019-12-13 9:50:36 PM

MGNREGS — Final Review meeting on GeoMGNREGA Working Group-deputation of Mission Director
Views: 328 ; Last view on: 2019-12-06 03:56:42 AM

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